Ceasefire Richmond is a community organization dedicated to reducing gun violence in Richmond, CA and finding positive ways to support the community.

A space where perpetrator and victims are given a chance to make a life changing decision.

  • Shooters are invited to meet with the community, law enforcement, clergy and the message for the evening is "Change & Opportunity." They're invited to this space by going to their homes, contacting their probation or parole offices, and through organic community connection.
  • They come to this meeting and hear the community’s voice and plea for ceasefire and the overall message of the community to help us keep them and others in our community alive and free. Further, they're given an opportunity to connect with one of the service providers to overcome barriers to success.
  • Then everyone breaks bread together.

This table discuss and develop strategies for the program. The following are participants in the process:

  • Law Enforcement: enforce consequence of any acts of gun violence.
  • Community members: showing concern and love for the community as a whole.
  • Clergy: bring faith and spiritual hope by meeting people where they are.
  • Service Providers: laying out opportunities for individuals to turn their lives around.
  • Victim: showing impact and trauma of gun violence.

  • The Night Walk takes place in areas all over the greater Richmond community. Churches in these communities host at least one Night Walk a month every Friday at 7pm.
  • There are guidelines for these night walks just to assure the safety of the group and the population being engaged.

The routes of each walk are selected by the people in that community. During the walk prayer is given only when requested and handouts with more information on our mission. At the end of the walk, a debrief is done and prayer is offered for that community. There is an announcement of the location for next week and dismissal.

Please check our calendar for meeting times and locations.

The Rapid Response effort is led by Ceasefire Case Manager, Dewanda Joseph and others.

  • Ideally neighborhood hubs will be organized throughout the community of Richmond
  • Community members and clergy have been trained to respond within 24 hours of a shooting with the assistance of law enforcement partners and the RPD chaplains
  • This response will include but not be limited to: information and access to resources for the families of the victim and the shooter. There is also an effort by clergy and congregations to assist with the funeral as much as possible i.e. food, hotel, and programs.